Math 2



Math 2

Math 2 is the second class in line of a 3 year Common Core program offered through Clovis Unified School District.  The course is similar to Math 1 in terms of how the students are learning the material.  The curriculum for Math 2 covers the following areas:




1.  Probability

2.  Lines and Angles

3.  Congruent and Similar Triangles

4.  Proofs concerning Triangles

5.  Right Triangles and Trigonometry

6.  Circles

7.  Polynomials and Factoring

8.  Solving and Graphing Quadratic Functions

Instructors 2022/2023

Listed below are the instructors for the curricular area.  To access a teachers website, simply select their name.  If their name doesn't change color as you "roll over" their name, then that teacher doesn't have a website that is public.

Mr. Lue Vang

Mr. Nick Paramo

Mr. Steven Dittmann

Mr. Kirk Zimmerman

Mr. Arty Falcon


Math 2


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