Math 1



Math 1

Math 1 is one of our Common Core classes offered at Buchanan High School.  It's foundation is based upon the previous classes taught at Alta Sierra (Math 7 and Math 8).  Students continue their exploration of mathematics in the following areas:




1.  Linear Equations

2.  Systems of Equations

3.  Exponential Functions

4.  Data Analysis

5.  Geometric tools

6.  Transformations

7.  Proofs and Reasoning

8.  Connecting Algebra and Geometry

Instructors 2022/2023

Listed below are the instructors for the curricular area.  To access a teachers website, simply select their name.  If their name doesn't change color as you "roll over" their name, then that teacher doesn't have a website that is public.

Mrs. Connie Hanke

Mrs. Dayna Samra

Mrs. Ronda Turney

Mrs. Pendergrass

Mr. Arty Falcon


Math 1

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